What is therapy?

Why do people seek therapy?

Sometimes it can be for emotional support during difficult times or a need to look a little deeper at the wider aspects of your life. Some people want to understand more about their patterns of behaviour, gain a wider understanding of themselves and the way they relate to others. They may want to find different ways of thinking and managing complex feelings and thoughts that are troubling them.

Life’s path, decisions taken, how we define and identify ourselves, what positive or negative labels or what our inner critique says can lead to a multitude of reasons why people choose to seek therapy. You may be a young adult, struggling with society’s pressure, studying, just starting out in your adult life or in your mid years and trying to make sense of life and the decisions you have made. You may be in a difficult situation and finding that you need some emotional support.

We understand that talking about yourself and the issues you are facing can feel like a a big step. Some people see it as part of good self care; a chance to look after their mind and emotional well-being. To be able to be heard and to think about what is going on for you, with someone else rather than being isolated in your own thoughts, may provide a catalyst for change.

Some common difficulties that affect people

Low self-esteem and confidence stopping individuals leading the life they dream of, and doing the things they want to do and be the person they really want to be. Finding strength, positivity in being your individual self.

Addictive habits; either ones own or that of family or friends.

Past events/traumatic situations still causing issues in present day life.

Depression or a low-level mood that is hard to manage individually.

Bereavement, loss of important people in your life, whether it is relationships or job, can cause anger, sadness and other complex feelings to arise, resulting in confusion and hard to manage emotions and thoughts.

Difficulties relating to other people, leading to loneliness and feeling disconnected.

These are just some common themes, however each persons life story is unique and your narrative about what is going on for you is what is important.

Instead of being isolated and going round in ever increasing circles, having an independent and non-judgmental professional to talk to may be helpful. A chance to explore, to be curious, to gain awareness and open up different ways of thinking, helping you find the answers within about your life.

How does it work?

Our approach is to build a positive working therapeutic relationship with you. Helping you feel empowered about who you are, your health and your well-being. We will discuss what your goals are, what is worrying you and we will have regular reviews to ensure you are happy with the progress that is being made.

Every client is different, we recommend an initial review stage where you can find out more. You can talk about what you want and are looking for and discuss what your expectations are. It is also important in these review sessions to use this time to see if you feel it is right for you and if you can work well together with your therapist. If you and your therapist both mutually agree to continue then a way of working and a plan will be agreed upon between the two of you.

Get in touch

If you feel you would like to talk or converse by email before deciding to do an initial consultation then either phone 01225 800 220 or email hello@lumencounselling.co.uk